Patti Belanger

Owner & Trainer

I was born 1969 in Lancaster New Hampshire. I received my first horse at the age of 4 and the love began. I started formal riding lessons at the age of 8 mostly all dressage and 3 day eventing.  I competed up to  preliminary /advanced level eventing and Grand Prix Stadium jumping when I was 17 with Kim Meier of Andover Horse Center. After college I decided to wait on using my degree and began training, showing and teaching for Magness Arabians in Platteville Colorado. I decided to leave Magness Arabians after 9 years and moved to Northern California in 2004. Throughout my riding career I developed a great love for starting young horses and students alike. I believe in giving a kind and trusting foundation to young horses and students that will last a lifetime. In 2008 I became the youth coordinator for the Golden Gate Club, in 2014 I was one of the founding members of the Wine Country Arabian Horse Association I am the youth coordinator and a director. I enjoy the process/dedication and hard work takes to make great horsewomen and men. It's  been a great pleasure to have so many youth involved in Arabian horses and learning to treat them with love and respect.  The bonds they are making will never be lost.

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